Clinical Research

Research studies offer important treatment options for many people with cancer.  To stay on top of developments, we have a research coordinator who specializes in clinical research activities. Our research coordinator gathers information from prominent hospitals, universities, study groups and lectures to provide a knowledge base of promising clinical research protocols.

Cancer & Hematology Centers of Western Michigan also offers participation in industry and nationally sponsored research studies. Deciding to participate in an experimental treatment is a highly personal decision, and we can offer you a wealth of information to help assist you in that choice.

What is a clinical trial?
Research studies evaluate promising new therapies and answer scientific questions. The goal of such trials is to find treatments that are more effective in controlling cancer with fewer side effects.

How do I qualify and participate?
All clinical trials have criteria that must be met in order to enroll and participate. Your age, gender, disease stage and medical condition are a few examples of the criteria considered. To find out if you qualify for a selected study, please ask your physician.

What are the risks of participating?
Each clinical trial has its own unique risks and complications which can vary from very mild to more severe. These details will be explained to you and discussed in detail should you choose to enroll in a particular trial.

Where can I learn more?
To learn more about ongoing research studies, or to explore participating in one, please ask your physician.