Cancer & Hematology Centers of Western Michigan (CHCWM) was established in 1979 by Richard K. Rotman, MD and a single nurse. He was soon joined by two additional nurses and Mark G. Campbell, MD.

Over three decades later, CHCWM has grown to include an ensemble of 21 additional physicians accompanied by over 250 staff members. Staff includes mid-level providers, nurses, front office, pharmacy and lab personnel, human resources, information technology, medical billers and coders, social workers, clinical research personnel, and a psychologist. The practice includes four main clinical sites, a corporate office and several regional clinical sites. Based on the number of medical oncologists on staff, CHCWM is the largest oncology and hematology practice in Michigan. CHCWM focuses on providing the range of services patients need, including advanced treatments, innovative research and compassionate care, all while staying community-based.

We are committed to continually developing and enhancing cancer care within the local community and making innovative treatments available to patients all over West Michigan. Our medical staff keeps close ties with prominent hospitals and performs ongoing cancer research.

Cancer & Hematology Professional Services is an organization that was started to support hospital based regional clinics.