New Patient Information

The next phase of your life is challenging. We’re glad you’ve chosen Cancer & Hematology Centers of Western Michigan to orchestrate your cancer treatment and recovery.

Your First Visit

It’s normal to have questions about your treatment and diagnosis and your care team is here to answer them. During your initial office visits, you and your doctor will discuss your diagnosis in detail. You will learn about your treatment options, what each entails, and how we will support you throughout your treatment.

When you visit, our registration specialist will ask you to complete a health history and information form. Please plan to provide a history of illnesses and surgeries as well as a list of current medications.  If you’d like to complete these forms ahead of time and take them with you to your first appointment, you can download them under the Information Overview section, Patient Forms tab. In order to make the most informed recommendations, we’ll also need your medical records from your prior doctors and hospitals. We typically can obtain these on your behalf but will let you know if unable to do so.  Any information you give us is strictly confidential and will not be released without your approval.

On your first visit, we may draw blood to set baseline lab values for treatment. Your treatment plan will be mapped out for you.  In most cases treatment begins within a couple of weeks, however, sometimes it may be necessary to begin your treatment immediately. You’ll also receive an information packet that includes dietary guidelines and a comprehensive explanation of your chemotherapy, its side effects, cancer support groups in your area, our services and more.

Consider bringing along a friend or family member. Having someone else hear the information as well as being there for support is very beneficial. In addition to the packet you’ll receive, our website contains a wealth of information for patients and their families.

To get the most from your appointment, plan to arrive 15 minutes early and have the information mentioned above handy.