Lab Orders and Testing

To save you time and hassle, several of our Centers offer on-site laboratories that can accommodate scheduled tests and walk-in blood draws. If you have an order from a physician outside of Cancer & Hematology Centers of Western Michigan, our lab personnel can draw these tests as well. Please give your order to the receptionist at the front desk upon arrival.

The majority of tests ordered by our physicians are processed in our laboratories. Most of these will be completed on the same day as your visit.

Any tests not processed in our laboratories will be sent to a reference laboratory. Every effort will be made to send testing to a laboratory that participates with your insurance. Please notify us if your insurance requires you to use a specific laboratory.

A copy of your laboratory results will be forwarded to your primary care physician. Please inform the laboratory personnel if there is any other physician that needs the results (such as a surgeon, radiation oncologist, specialist, etc.).

To learn more about our on-site laboratory and view locations, please visit our Lab Servicespage, found under Our Services.