Behavioral Oncology

At Cancer and Hematology Centers of Western Michigan, our goal is to deliver the highest level of care focused on both treatment of the cancer as well as support of the patient.  Behavioral oncology services are an integral part of comprehensive cancer care at Cancer and Hematology Centers of Western Michigan.  Behavioral oncology services allow our medical oncologists to focus first and foremost on the illness, while our support staff ensures that we are also focused on the needs of the patient and their family.  Some common areas of focus of behavioral oncology are symptom management (e.g., depression, fatigue, insomnia, and anxiety), adjustment to the illness, family needs, and behavioral changes that support the best possible outcome from treatment.  These services are provided by Jeffrey Porter, Ph.D. (Dr. Porter Bio), a licensed psychologist with 15 years of experience in the oncology field, and are a covered medical benefit by most insurance plans.  A behavioral oncology visit can be ordered by the oncologist or oncology nurse or the patient/family may request a visit.  Behavioral oncology services are provided at our Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavillion, Johnson Family Cancer Center, Lacks Cancer Center, and Holland locations.  To schedule a visit at any of these locations, please call (616) 954-9800 and ask for our scheduling department.