How Do I Qualify To Participate?

Qualification guidelines vary from trial to trial depending on their areas of study. Your age, gender, disease stage, medical condition and a number of otherfactors will be taken into consideration. To find out whether you qualify for a selected study, contact our research coordinator or your nurse.

What are the risks of participating?

Participation in clinical trials is not without risk. While it may give you first access to breakthrough treatments, it may also expose you to certain risks. These treatments are experimental and have the potential for causing unpleasant or even serious side effects. Moreover, there may or may not be any effect of the experimental drug on your cancer. Furthermore, participation in a clinical trial may mean greater time commitment with extra appointments, extra blood and tissue testing and more questionnaires and record-keeping.

Before you agree to participate in a clinical trial, you should talk with your oncologist to make sure that you understand these risks.