Support Services

The CHCWM Patient Support Program provides services and resources designed to help you keep your rhythm, make things easier for you and let you focus on healing. Services Include:

  • Transportation, services
  • Wigs
  • Support groups
  • Information, such as our library
  • Social services
  • Volunteer companionship and peer support

Supportive Care Beyond Treatment

Within the CHCWM Patient Support Program, we believe that quality comprehensive cancer care means attending to issues beyond the scope of traditional models of medicine.

We believe in treating the whole person, not just their cancer. We believe in also treating the whole family, as cancer touches their lives, too.

Since our program was founded, we’ve provided support services to help patients and their loved ones cope with the changes cancer makes in their lives. We offer services that may not have been available or financially accessible available to patients and their families.

At CHCWM, our program is supportive, beneficial and accessible, providing professional services to patients and families as part of their normal cancer care.