About Our Pharmacy

To better harmonize care with other providers and make our patients’ lives easier, we specifically stock medications commonly prescribed by our physicians, including oral chemotherapy medications that aren’t easily found in other retail pharmacies.

Our pharmacies are staffed with registered pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who specialize in the preparation of chemotherapy. They, in concert with our physicians, nurses and social workers, coordinate your treatment and give you access to the most current medication information.

We have retail pharmacies at The Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Lacks Cancer Center and The Johnson Family Cancer Center (Muskegon). Patients being seen at our Holland office are able to have their prescriptions shipped directly to the their home via UPS. Our retail pharmacies are open to the public. Ask your physician or nurse about getting your oncology-related prescriptions filled and mailed directly to your home. Filling prescriptions with us may be more convenient, but your local pharmacy can special order these medications for you as well.

If you choose our retail pharmacy, we ask that you drop off your prescriptions early during your visit so that we can have them ready for you following your appointment. For refills, we request 24 to 48 hours’ notice. To make sure you don’t run out of your medication, monitor the amount of medication you have left. In order for us to best serve you, please call a couple of days before your last dose so we can provide your refill in a timely manner and you don’t miss a dose. Refill requests for routine prescriptions can be accepted by phone during regular business hours. For your safety, our on-call, after-hours physician cannot renew routine medications.

Please be aware that most narcotic medications require a written prescription and therefore can’t be renewed over the phone.  For this reason, please be sure to call 2 business days before you will need more medication.

When you ask to refill a prescription, please be ready to provide us with a copy of your prescription insurance card so we can verify your co-pay and coverage. Our pharmacy staff will help you understand your insurance and prescription drug benefits, and the medications your doctor prescribes, to help ensure your best treatment outcome.

Remember, no matter where you fill your prescriptions, you should always be prepared to provide a complete list of your current medications. This helps the pharmacist predict any potential drug interactions.

If you have questions about our pharmacy services or your prescriptions, please feel free to contact our retail pharmacy directly:

Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion at (616) 977-4840

The Johnson Family Care Center at (231) 332-5871

Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Lacks Cancer Center at (616) 685-5257