Often the most difficult phases in life are the ones we haven’t practiced. When it comes to chemotherapy, we believe that well-informed patients are more positive and less apprehensive.

Because we believe a well-informed patient can make more qualified decisions, our staff is actively involved in educating patients about their diagnosis and treatment. This leads to more successful treatment and better long-term adjustments.

Each new patient meets with a registered nurse to discuss their treatment regimen, potential side effects, side effect management and therapy schedule before beginning treatment. We also give each patient a folder with written information on chemotherapy, managing side effects, eating “hints” and details about blood counts. Our hope is that after this appointment, each patient:

  • has the practical information necessary for smooth and comfortable treatment sessions
  • knows common side effects and has the tools to deal with them
  • recognizes which symptoms are typical and when additional medical attention is needed

We provide information about how to handle ongoing questions, what to bring with you to treatments and who to contact in an emergency. This session is a significant benefit to you and your family.

For more information about chemotherapy drugs, please visit’s Guide to Cancer Drugs it excellent information about drugs, side effects and what to expect as a patient.