Patient Portal Coming Soon


We are beginning the implementation of the SeeYourChart patient portal, which will enable you to securely view certain portions of your medical record from home.  The SeeYourChart patient portal will be available to you in early October.

The SeeYourChart patient portal is a secure, web-based window where you will have the ability to:

  • View your user profile
  • View your appointment schedules
  • View your vitals
  • View your medication list
  • View your allergies
  • View your diagnoses
  • Link to various resources (National Cancer Institute, Side effects, Disease explanations, etc.)
  • Be more knowledgeable when making care and treatment decisions

SeeYourChart promotional materials will be at our sites the week of September 29th and October 3rd.  We will get you registered for SeeYourChart access at your next appointment.  Registration will start in our Holland office with the remaining offices following shortly thereafter.

 New User Guide