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Behavioral Oncology

Supporting you on your journey.

With a cancer diagnosis comes certain changes. Some changes that may occur are fatigue, insomnia, depression or anxiety. And between the diagnosis, treatments, and follow-up care, your body and mind can become stressed and need extra attention.

Cancer is a complex disease process that may affect you in psychological, social, financial and behavioral ways that can interfere with treatment plans and influence outcomes. CHC moves beyond just treating your cancer and looks to improve the lifestyle, social and emotional aspects of your treatment.

Our medical psychologist works alongside your oncologist and nurse to support you on your cancer journey. Using approaches that are well-supported by scientific research and years of experience, we will help you to understand better your illness, treatment and how to manage the associated effects best.

You can choose to meet with our behavioral oncology provider alone or with a family member present.

CHC is proud to offer these services to help treat you as a whole individual and not just as your diagnosis. Our Behavioral Oncologist, Dr. Jeffrey Porter, is here to work with you and help you on this journey.